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Phoenix or Scottsdale Flat Fee Options

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Offering Flat Fee Estate Planning and Affordable Options

Many folks desire legal services but need to limit the scope and the cost.  A flat fee or fixed fee option is where the attorney and client agree in advance as to what is going to be done and the price that will be charged for the specified service.   After the initial consultation, we will usually quote a fixed price for your  work. That fee is confirmed in writing in a fee agreement

Generally, our estate planning services and some other services are delivered on a fixed-fee basis. Our fees for estate planning depend upon the type and complexity of the plan being developed and the planning options you choose to include.  Complex planning may include additional advanced planning strategies.

It is impossible to estimate a fee until we have an accurate picture of your personal and financial information, know your estate planning goals and objectives, and have an opportunity to discuss various estate planning alternatives with you. 

What is frequently referred to as an uncontested divorce is where both parties agree in advance on all of the issues necessary to obtain a divorce [or legal separation], including property, parenting and support.  It is usually a speedy option as well, where the divorce may be concluded in about three or four months, including the statutory waiting period.  It is also a convenient option, as it can often be handled exclusively via email or telephone and the parties can avoid having to go to court.

We offer a convenient and affordable flat fee option for most estate planning matters and for certain uncontested divorces with just a one-time fee [plus Court costs, recording fees, etc.]. This is a set price instead of being billed hourly.

In many cases, this option is comparable in cost with using a document preparation or paralegal service.  However, our document preparation differs from self-help, document drafting or paralegal services in that the documents are reviewed by an attorney.  A document drafting or paralegal service cannot give legal advice, and is prevented by law from evaluating a case and providing advice regarding legal rights.

This flat fee uncontested divorce option is also available to our mediation clients.  Since neither of the parties are represented in mediation, the documents would then be examined by each party’s reviewing attorney.

Limited Representation; A Budget Conscious Option

We offer a wide range of legal services from full representation to limited representation to drafting documents only. Particularly in this economy, clients seek less costly solutions to obtaining legal representation. Some clients may request services on a limited basis, such as providing court representation for a limited issue or a hearing only. Some clients are representing themselves but desire to have a consultation regarding an area of concern or assistance with drafting motions or other legal documents. For clients who are in mediation with other mediators, Ms. Heller also provides advice and document review on a limited scope basis.

Varied Levels of Representation to Suit Your Needs

We are mindful that our clients need to be budget conscious.  We advise clients about the cost as well as the possible benefits of various problem-solving approaches. Some clients decide to turn-over full representation to a family law attorney, while some clients may seek a divorce or family lawyer for an isolated issue, for limited representation or for document drafting only.

It is difficult to determine in advance the cost of divorce or cost of family law cases. Cases vary in complexity and where there are ongoing disagreements it is difficult to predict the extent of future services that will be required.  Naturally where there are disputed issues between the parties, the cost of the dissolution will increase depending upon the additional time required for negotiation and/or trial preparation and attendance.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer serving Glendale, Peoria or Mesa

If you live in the Scottsdale, Tempe or Phoenix areas and are looking for affordable estate planning or divroce options, call 602-453-4200 or contact Scottsdale divorce mediation lawyer Donna Heller to schedule a consultation. She will discuss your situation and will provide you with an assessment as to the most viable manner to proceed.