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Helping You Through This Stressful Time

The end of a marriage can be one of the most difficult and stressful events in life. If you have children, you want to protect them and keep them from feeling pain. The emotions involved can make it hard to think about the legal aspects of divorce. That is why advice from an experienced attorney is so valuable.

At Heller Law Office, PLC & Mediation Instead, LLC, we offer collaborative and mediation representation for people going through divorce in Arizona. Phoenix attorney Donna Heller has built a solid foundation working with individuals and families and through experience recognizes  both through litigated and collaborative matters, and recognizes that , and has of experience working with individuals and families, litigating , our firm knows what it takes to protect clients’ rights during divorce. If there are children involved, we do everything we can to shield them from pain.

We focus on problem solving, not just problem spotting. When you come to us, we will sit down with you, listen closely and suggest strategies for approaching issues of:

To arrange a consultation with a Tempe family law attorney, please call 602-453-4200. You can also contact our law firm online.

Offering Limited Representation

As a client-focused Phoenix family law firm, we are always mindful of the expenses and costs associated with divorce. For that reason, we are proud to offer distinct types of representation, each with different levels of attorney involvement.  For example:

  • Collaborative limited scope representation: Think of this as the traditional model, where your lawyer handles all aspects of divorce for you, while your matter is resolved in a collaborative setting.  Your lawyer will still be there every step of the way.
  • Limited representation: This is a very cost-conscious way of obtaining a divorce. It is less expensive because the attorney’s role is reduced. For example, you lawyer could provide consultation on legal issues, or perform document drafting.  The key thing to remember about limited representation is that your attorney will help you with certain phases of the case, while you handle other parts on your own.

Pre-Divorce Planning

Pre-Divorce Planning Is Key

To minimize costs and emotional harm, we recommend coming to our office for a pre-divorce meeting. Proper planning can help you avoid a surprise or setback later on by assessing the risks at an early stage. A pre-divorce planning session allows you to communicate all of your concerns up front, so we can begin addressing them right away. Also, many times how you proceed with your divorce is one of the most critical decisions.

Have You Considered Mediation or Collaboration?

If you and your spouse are able to sit down together and discuss issues, attorney Heller may be able to mediate your case as an alternative to a bitter court battle. Ms. Heller is recognized as an Advanced Practitioner Mediator.   This honor, given to a very small number of mediators, shows Ms. Heller’s skill and devotion to the mediation process, and her commitment to minimizing conflict during divorce.

Collaborative divorce may be an option for you. In this process, the couple and the attorneys agree to resolve issues without resorting to litigation. This way, the parties are given control of their own future. A collaborative divorce can be in a more private setting than a litigated divorce.  The emphasis is on finding workable solutions.

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