Grandparents Rights

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Arizona recognizes the importance of a child’s relationship with grandparents. There is a specific grandparent [and great-grandparent] visitation law designed to protect this bond where appropriate. If you have been denied visitation with your grandchildren, you may be entitled to a court order establishing your legal rights.

While there are no unconditional guarantees, the Arizona statute provides that a grandparent may be awarded visitation rights upon finding that this would be in the best interest of the child and that either the grandchild’s parents have been divorced, a parent of the child has been deceased or the child was born to unmarried parents.

On the other hand, you may be faced with a grandparent who is attempting to assert rights where it may be inappropriate and not in the child’s best interests. We handle grandparents rights issues for parents who may be attempting to prevent visitation from being granted.

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Grandparent visitation cases an be emotionally charged. While settlement is always an important effort, it may be necessary to file a Petition for Grandparents Rights.

If you have been denied visitation with your grandchildren, or have a good faith reason for limiting grandparent access, it is wise to discuss your circumstances with an family law attorney. We represent clients in Glendale, Chandler and Mesa, as well as throughout Maricopa County. Contact our experienced Arizona grandparents rights attorney to learn your rights at 602-453-4200 or contact a Phoenix estate planning, divorce and mediation attorney at Heller Law Office online to schedule a consultation.