I have an Out-of-State Will. Do I Need a New AZ One?

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With the help of an attorney, setting up a will or a trust is almost exceedingly simple, and doing so grants you nearly limitless power when it comes to deciding how your assets will be divided among your beneficiaries.
What happens, though, if you set up a will with a medical directive (which allows a loved one to make medical decisions for you in case something happens) in another state, and then move to Arizona?
Fortunately, all documents in your will and medical directive will still be valid in Arizona, but it is definitely worth having an attorney go over your will and testament to make sure that everything is up to Arizona law standards.
Don’t worry that your will will be seen as invalid or anything, though. It’s just that it is far better to be safe than sorry when it comes to wills, and you never know when the state laws where you set your will up clash with Arizona laws. Having an Arizona attorney go over your will again will ensure that your loved ones will have as few problems as possible dealing with the division of your assets.
Do not forget the most important function of a will, as well: Specifying guardians for children. If you do not specify who you want your children to go to, or if some aspect of your will clashes with Arizona laws, then it will be up to the courts to decide where your children will end up, and that will put massive amounts of undue stress on your family.

Consulting with an Arizona estate planning attorney is quick and easy, and updating your will should be a painless affair. Do not delay!
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