Mediation: Arrive at Your Own Solutions


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Divorce is a difficult, emotional, and at times, a contentious event in an individual’s life.  Many times it is difficult for a divorcing couple to agree on the terms of the divorce, and when this happens, a mediator can step in and assist in the negotiation of an acceptable divorce agreement.
When a divorcing couple hires a mediator, they are hiring a neutral third party, one who aids in the communication of all concerns and needs each spouse may have.  Communication is a key component in reaching a successful divorce agreement and preserving a good relationship with your soon to be ex-spouse.
Although a mediator does not represent either party in a divorce and does not make decisions or rulings about legal issues, he does serve as a neutral facilitator who assists the divorcing couple to reach mutually agreeable decisions concerning their divorce.
Mediation is both an informal and flexible resolution process.  The mediator helps both parties define the issues clearly and also assists in helping each spouse understand the other’s position.
Perhaps the most significant aspect of mediation is that the couple arrives at their own decisions.  In mediation, the divorcing parties are assisted by the mediator to reach a divorce agreement developed by the couple themselves, not one imposed by the court system.  The divorcing parties work out child custody and support issues, as well as the division of property and debt with guidance from the mediator.  Often a divorcing couple who has worked through their problems and reached a solution on their own, are more satisfied than those couples who have had to settle for a judge’s decision.
If you are contemplating divorce and are interested in hearing more information on mediation, contact a qualified Arizona family law mediation attorney with experience in both litigation and mediation. An experienced family law attorney will protect your interests in mediation, or should you decide against mediation, provide the personalized service and legal assistance you need throughout the divorce process.

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