Mediation Beyond Divorce


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In a perfect world, when a couple with children divorces and issues of parenting time, custody arrangements and child support have been finalized, issues, conflicts and negotiations  involving the children should be a thing of the past, right? 
Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world.  Situations and circumstances change, and the once amicably divorced couple may find themselves at odds over issues with their children in the future.
As children grow and develop, new issues will arise that will need to be dealt with over time.  Some of these issues deal with education, vacations, activities and perhaps relocation to another state.  Many times outside intervention can prevent litigation between divorced parents. One way to deal  with the emotional issues facing parents after a divorce is to use a third party, a mediator, to resolve new issues that arise.
In post-divorce mediation, both parents are given the opportunity to describe their view of current issues that affect their children’s lives that they feel need modification.  The mediator will clarify the issues at hand and assist the parents in negotiating a mutually acceptable outcome tailored to their children’s needs.
A mediator can assist a former couple in negotiating through unforeseen circumstances by working toward shared goals which benefit the children instead of their own wishes.  Mediation is convenient and confidential for both parties, as well as less stressful, more cost effective and less non-adversarial than litigation.
Reaching out to a mediator as soon as problems and issues arise will make co-parenting easier, will diffuse problems before they get out of hand, and will assist a former couple in working towards a common goal – raising happy, well-adjusted and successful children.

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