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Personalized Approach to Parenting Time Plans from Caring Visitation Attorney

Parenting time refers to the schedule whereby the minor children spend time with each parent.  This was previously referred to as visitation.

Planning a schedule for minor children can be the most difficult aspect for a separating family.  Where a party has been significantly involved with his or her children, he or she may be particularly worried about the amount of time they will get to spend with their children.

In some cases, the parties are ordered to share parenting time equally.  In other cases one parent may be the primary residential parent and may have more parenting time than the other parent.  In rare circumstances one parent may have supervised parenting time.

Generally, each parent is entitled to frequent, reasonable, meaningful and continuing parenting time.  However, if the Court finds that a child’s mental, emotional, physical or moral health is endangered by a parent, the judge can limit or restrict parenting time.

Parenting time is decided by many factors.  Some of those factors include the best interests of the minor children, the ages of the children, the wishes of the children, the wishes of the parents, the mental and physical health of the parents and children, which parent is more likely to give the other parent access to the children, whether a parent is attempting to alienate the other, the distance between homes, where the children attend school, how the parties get along, whether there is a history of domestic violence, criminal activity, or alcohol or substance abuse.

In some cases a behavioral or mental health professional may be brought in to perform either a limited or comprehensive assessment of the family.  When a behavioral health evaluator is assigned by the court, the judge may consider recommendations from the experts.

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