Paternity and Unmarried Parents

Phoenix Arizona Paternity Lawyer

Establishing Paternity is an important step for both the Mother and Father. Where the parties are unmarried, the first step in establishing child custody, parenting time or child support may be to obtain a judicial determination of paternity, or parentage. This can be done by stipulation of the parties or through or through DNA testing. DNA testing is painless and takes little time to complete.

In cases where the Father is unwilling to voluntarily undergo DNA testing, the Mother can obtain an order compelling the alleged Father to submit to the test. Once Paternity is established, it is important to know your rights. Where the parties never resided together or there has been a long passage of time in establishing child custody or child support, it may be wise to consult with an attorney as to the potential ramifications.

Protracted litigation is never pleasant, least of all on the children. The legalities and be complex and confusing. Let us assist you to maximize the best possible outcome. Contact us to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix unmarried parents rights attorney at 602-453-4200 or Contact Heller Law Office.