Pre-Marital Agreements


If you are about to be married, congratulations.

In many traditions marriage is viewed as a contract between spouses, and this seems to be coming full-circle as that contract may be more important than ever. A growing number of people understand the importance of planning their respective legal responsibilities and rights prior to entering into a marriage.

All marriages end through death or divorce. If and when a marriage ends through divorce, there can be an extended period of costly and emotionally draining litigation while the parties position themselves for a Court to decide how assets and property will be divided. Advance planning, in the form of what is known as either a Pre-Marital Agreement or Pre-Nuptial Agreement can pre-define the scope of property rights.

These agreements are also helpful when there are substantial separate property assets or a business brought into a marriage, and can be extremely important if one or both of the spouses has children from a prior relationship. Prenuptial Agreements are recognized under Arizona statute, and to preserve enforceability the parties should abide by the dictates of the law in entering into the agreement.

If you are considering a Premarital Agreement, we will be happy to discuss your options


One option that is gaining in popularity is for a couple to mediate their marital agreement. Once a full agreement is reached, the parties can then take the agreements to individual family law attorneys for review and signing. In some cases, this can be a smoother process than having just one party write the agreement before obtaining input from the other, especially in cases where both parties have assets that they want to isolate or children from prior marriages that they need to protect.


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